Our Story

How It Started

Who knew a little burger pop-up with the spirit of Ghana could blow up to become the hottest food joint in Toronto? Chieff Bosompra had an inkling—the man is a young entrepreneur, having founded and served at the helm of Undisposable, a brand consultancy crafting experiential marketing experiences with the likes of Boiler Room, Soundcloud, Redbull, Universal Music, and more. Chieff knows a successful idea when he sees one: he was able to draw on his family’s strong ties to Ghana and a network of impressive culinary partnerships and co-conspirators to shape a dining experience so irrefutably resonant with fellow Torontonians that the first few weeks Aunty Lucy’s was consistently sold out before close. (In the middle of a pandemic, mind you!)


“Food is this great way you can spend time with your friends and people who care about you while learning about the world,” Chieff told Complex. “I was inspired by guys like Anthony Bourdain and seeing his travels and where food took him. That’s how I got into enjoying food and telling stories through food and realized that, as an entrepreneur, I wanted to try a food venture.”


What started as a pop-up restaurant has quickly surged past what Chieff originally dreamed: and is now a downtown Toronto mainstay.